Monday, December 28, 2009

Sole & The skyrider band

So, I pee'd in a cup today. It was alright, went in smooth, didn't over fill it, and then I had 3 vials of blood taken.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Passion Pit - Manners

Download link removed by request

Indie-electro dance pop so cute you'll tear your eyes out

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009



Snacks is the 3rd LP from Portland, OR natives Kidcrash. They play a chaotic style of emo/math. After you check out Snacks, make sure to buy it and support them. The Denovali link leads to a page where you can download all of their other releases FREE OF CHARGE.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old Pride


Pianos Become The Teeth from Annapolis, Maryland is nothing short of breathtaking. This band formed in Fall of 2006. Ever since they have been going at it non-stop putting on show after energetic show. After a year of local shows, they embarked on there first tour during the summer of 2007. Shortly after they released the Saltwater EP and embarked on another tour of the east coast. After they lost their Synth player they started writing more aggressive music. Their first album "Old Pride", which is scheduled to be re-released on Top Shelf Recordings, is a collaboration of their efforts to keep writing music. You will be in no way disappointed with this band.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Elder is an Ambient/Screamo/Shoegaze band from Philadelphia.

Daughters - Canada Songs

Daughters was formed in 2001 in Providence, Rhode Island. The band's sound is a mixture of Grindcore and Experimental Rock, with a large influence of noise music and even death metal at times. This combination has caused the band to be labeled as Mathcore, even though the band's music focuses very little on technicality and rather fast, odd sounding riffs that are typically played on higher frets (whereas a typical grindcore band would play on lower frets), tapping, and oddly placed clean guitar "melodies". If you're a fucked up little spaz, you'll love Daughters.

Make Yourself Sick

Boys Night Out is a PopPunk/Emo/Hardcore band from Canada. This is their first full length release Make Yourself Sick

Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest

As Cities Burn from Louisiana is in my opinion one of the most under appreciated bands out there.  Since there formation in 2002 the band has released 1 EP and 3 Full length albums. Every single one of these albums is filled with pure emotion. Even after 2 of their members left the band to start families, they continued to make music. They mastered a style of  melodic metalcore that stands out and can truly be called their own. Their songs are about pain, hope, and a belief of a better tomorrow.  The band broke up after the release of Hell Or Highwater in 2009. As Cities Burn was signed to Solid State/Tooth and Nail records.


Willy Mason, with Oxygen. Video is decent,but the song is better, and check out that Fishman.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All we could do was sing


All we could do was sing, by Port O'Brien... and that's all they could do, along with some nice drums and what have you. If you like chorus-like, catchy, mellow, and up-beat-down-beat music, this will do you good. You could say... it'll wake you up today. HOHOHOHO

Into Lake Griffy


Good Luck is the cutest Pop-punk band i've ever heard. On "Into Lake Griffy", Powerful drums play back-up to intricate guitar riffs and some pretty nifty bass lines. Matt Tobey's nasally singing fits it all so well. While Ginger Alford provides some of the most powerful female vocals i've ever heard in a punk band. All of these songs are memorable and inspirational. This is a definite download.

My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heretic pride

If you haven't heard of The Mountain Goats you need to get the fuck up out that closet. After you listen to this album, you should go check out "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton". Hopefully your ears will like them as much as mine. Hail satan.

Passage Through Purgatory


Blacktusk is an awesome Thrash/Sludge/Punk/SWAMPMETAL band hailing from Savannah, Georgia. This is their debut full length album Passage Through Purgatory. They recently signed to Relapse records.

Fabriclive 37: Caspa & Rusko


  I don't know enough about this album or dubstep to write much here.  This album was my first real introduction to dubstep, and it's awesome.

If you like dubstep, or you want to get into it, or you don't even care at all... Download this

The Last Thing You Forget


Title Fight is a Hardcore/Pop-punk band from Pennsylvania.  Not much to say about The Last Thing You Forget, it has all the qualities you would expect.  But there's something that I can't quite put my finger on that makes it awesome. 

I saw them earlier this year, it was pretty good. I definitely recommend this.

Some Kind of Cadwallader


I saw Algernon Cadwallader at the "SUPER POSI PIZZA PARTY!" back in the spring. Despite the fact that there wasn't even enough room to breathe, it was a great experience. Super happy emo type stuff. If it doesn't brighten your day you have no soul.

The Good Times

Joseph Foreman (born July 29, 1974), better known by his stage name Afroman, is an American comedy rapper. Afroman is best known for his single "Because I Got High"  But my personal favorites from this album are "Crazy Rap" and "Palmdale". The Good Times is a hilarious cd, pick it up if you're interested in a good time.

By the way, all of his songs are about weed.  So if you don't smoke you probably won't like this.

The Ocarina Of Rhyme


Did you ever own a Nintendo 64? If you did then you probably owned The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. OOT is probably the most loved N64 game of all time.

Ocarina of Rhyme combines the soundtrack from OOT and some awesome Hip-hop/Rap.

Just download this shit if you like Zelda, you won't be disappointed

Remember Right Now


Spitalfield was a rock band based in Chicago, signed to the Victory Records label. Formed in 1998, Spitalfield caught the attention of Victory Records with their 2002 release The Cloak And Dagger Club EP and a year later released fan-favorite Remember Right Now. The group sold over 130,000 records and performed in nine countries over three continents before disbanding at the end of 2007. The band's name comes from what members describe as a village where Jack the Ripper came from. The name for this location is actually Spitalfields, and is a section of London's East End. Spitalfield announced their breakup and subsequent goodbye tour on September 10, 2007.

Hecla & Griper


Songs: Ohia was largely a project of revolving musicians with singer-songwriter Jason Molina as its center and sole stable member. Critics and fans alike have found considerable difficulty in trying to define the band's changing sound, usually settling on more general labels such as indie rock, lo-fi, folk or alt-country. The second part of the name is an allusion to both the Hawaiian tree ‘Ōhi‘a lehua and Molina's home state of Ohio.

This is an EP released in 1997 Hecla & Griper

The End Of The Ring Wars


The End of the Ring Wars is the first full-length album by Lawrence, Kansas-based emo-alternative rock group the Appleseed Cast, released on Deep Elm Records in 1998.

Not much to say besides that this album is really great. download it, better yet... Go out and buy it.

Designing A Nervous Breakdown


First album from the super cool Indiepop/Rock(with some sweet keyboards) group The Anniversary. They formed in Lawrence, KS in 1997 when Josh Berwanger, James David, Christian Jankowski, Adrianne Verhoeven and Justin Roelofs solidified a line up that had been in flux for a year. After two years of playing shows across with the Midwest with bands like The Get Up Kids, Braid and Superchunk, The Anniversary signed to Vagrant Records.

They released another album after this but from what I hear it sounds nothing like this one. Maybe one day I will listen to it and upload it.

The Forecast

The Forecast is an indie rock group from Peoria, Illinois. The Forecast's sound is most recognizable for containing strong two and three part harmonies performed by combinations of their multiple vocalists, as heard in tracks such as "Red as the Moon" and "One Hundred Percent". The band was started with Dustin Addis, the only remaining original member, in 2001. The band's current line up came together in the summer in 2004 when Shannon Burns and Matt Webb left their old band, Casting Lines. They released a split, a full length album, and a four song EP while signed to Thinker Thought Records. They released their first full length album, with their current line-up, May 17, 2005 titled Late Night Conversations. Their second album, In the Shadow of Two Gunmen was released on May 30, 2006 via Victory Records. After leaving Victory Records, the band self recorded the 5 song EP "Alive For The First Time.



Astronautalis (born Andy Bothwell) is an American hip hop artist based out of Seattle, Washington. After gaining some renown in local circles in Jacksonville and competing at Scribble Jam, Astronautalis self-released his debut album, You and Yer Good Ideas, in 2003. After signing with Fighting Records, it was re-released on July 12, 2005, followed by his second album, The Mighty Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters, in 2006. In 2008, reports of a new album emerged, and his third album, Pomegranate, was released in September of that year.

I'll up his other stuff later



Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie rock/indie pop duo consisting of identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin, born September 19, 1980. Both Tegan and Sara write, sing, and play guitar and keyboard. They have released six studio albums since 1999, most recently Sainthood in 2009. The album was produced by Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla and was tracked at Sound City Studios in LA and Two Sticks Audio in Seattle during the summer of 2009.