Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Adapt / The Neon Hookers - I Roast My Marshmallows In Church Fires

Location - Iceland / NY
Genre - Melodic Hardcore

First off, sorry for the pic. It was honestly the biggest I could find; it was one out of two that I came accross because nobody listens to these two bands for some reason and thus no one posts the album art for this ace of a 7". I Adapt is an amazing melodic hardcore band hailing from iceland. I have had the pleasure of seeing them twice and they are all great guys. Familiar Ghosts is one of their best tracks. Another personal vinyl rip so again, I apologize for quality.

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  1. It's Birkir of I Adapt. Glad to see this here. Now I can finally spin it. I don't have a copy. Weird seven inch for sure and to this day we don't know what the hell happened to the sound on the vocals. It's horrible. I'm glad you like Familiar Ghost though. We really loved that track but thinking back we would all have loved to re-mix the vocals or just re-record them from scratch.